Product Literature

Purge Pressure Panel

This is a replacement of Flame Proof Panel with Constant Air Pressure inside. This is used for extreme inflammable Area like Refineries.

Mimic / Instrument Panel

  • Desk & Simplex Type Design
  • Mimic on Roof Top
  • Controlling entire process from centralized control Room with
    process status

Power/Motor Control Centre

  • Used for various Power
  • Type Tested up to 50kA SC
  • Offered both in Single Front &
    Double Front design
  • Offered both in Draw out &
    Fixed Type Enclosures.

L.T. AC Panel

  • Used for Controlling various
    type Motors, Lighting System,
    Pumps etc for any type of
    Processing , Distribution ,
    Chemical and Industries .
  • Single Front and Double Front
  • IP 55 Degree of Protection

Control & Relay Panel

  • Controlling 11kV, 22kV, 33kV,
    66kV lines of HT switchgears
    for Incomer, Bus Coupler, Bus Sectionaliser, Outgoing
    Feeder & Transformers with
    or without differential
    protection for indoor & outdoor application.
  • Simplex or Duplex type.
  • Also for SCADA operation.
  • IP 55 Degree of Protection

H.T. / L.T. Metering Unit

  • Measurement of Energy
  • Safety locking & other
    arrangement to obsolete
    unauthorized usage.
  • Centralized one unit with
    protection, metering &
  • Outdoor & Indoor application
  • IP 55 Degree of Protection

Distribution Box/Feeder Pillar

  • Monitors, Manages, Balances
    proper Distribution of Power
    from Distribution Transformer
  • Protection to Distribution lines
    & Transformers from various
    probable Faults.
  • Avoid excess usage due to
    defined un adjustable setting
  • Outdoor & Indoor application
  • IP 55 Degree of Protection