Quality Control Procedure

We have an experienced Engineer staff to carry out through quality checking of almost all materials are used in the manufacture of control panels.

Our receipt of order from clients, detailed General arrangement drawings, Bill of materials with their make, Schematic diagram, etc. are prepared. As soon as the final approved drawings are received from the client we gets started procurement of required materials


When sheet metal materials gets delivered at our plant complete checking of Gauge, Size, Bending and Primness of sheet is done. Fabrication of panel starts as per approved drawing. At the time of assembly checking of welding, grinding, strengthens etc. is done.


After fabrication is completed all metal parts undergo cleaning process treatment, before being primed. Powder is applied on metal parts & after it is put in oven for baking.


All switchgear materials are ordered as per approved make and rating. As soon as the material arrives at plant, mechanical and electrical testing of individual material is done. The tested materials are then used for assembly and wiring is carried out as per approved schematic individual mounting plates are checked before final testing.


After complete panel has been assembled & wired out, testing as per I.S. & as per client requirement is carried out.

After the panel has been passed through the above Test. We prepare the Test Certificate of the concerned panel, which thereby guarantees safety and reliability to actual user.